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About Us

Established in 1973, Agro Sur is a triannual scientific journal published by the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences of the Universidad Austral de Chile. Our international peer-reviewed Journal publishes a wide range of subjects related to Agroforestry Sciences and specific topics in: Plant Science;  Animal Science; Pastures and Forages;  Soil Science, Water Resources and Agricultural Engineering, Food Science; Sustainable Agriculture and Agricutural Economics and Rural Development.

Agro Sur accepts for publication: i) Editorials, ii) Original Research Articles, iii) Reviews, iv) Short Notes, v) Viewpoints, vi) Book Presentations.

Our readership are agronomist, food scientist, as well as soil scientist, plant physiologist and breeders, experts in the fields of grazing systems, animal nutrition, water and soil conservation, food production, agroecology, sustainable land management, rural development and agricultural economics.

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Latindex, AGRIS, Cab Abstracts (CABI), Animal Science (CABI), AgBiotechNet (CABI), Environmental Impact (CABI), Forest Science (CABI), Horticultural Science (CABI), Nutrition and Food Sciences (CABI), VetMed Resource (CABI), Google Scholar, Base de Información Bibliográfica Agrícola Chilena (INIA), FSTA.